Beer on the big screen

While there’s nothing better than setting yourself down on a bar stool and committing a few hours to sampling some of the best beer on offer in a well-kept hostelry, there are times when the sofa beckons and a quiet night in with some carefully selected bottled conditioned brews allows you time to recharge the… Read more »

Sisters are brewing it for themselves

When our ancient ancestors discovered that by settling and cultivating grains they would have a regular and plentiful food source, it was only a matter of time before beer became a part of everyday life. Ever since those early times women have been the driving force behind brewing so we felt a celebration of the… Read more »

Women brewing beer

Beer Piper USA making a splash across the pond

Beer Piper’s revolutionary system has been wowing UK bar owners for over thirty years but in one of the world’s greatest beer drinking nations, the United States of America, the benefits are now being felt across the water. Expansion of the Beer Piper brand was always an option for our hassle free, money saving approach… Read more »

Life inside a microbrewery

If you were to take a poll of the people you know and ask what their dream job might be, it is likely that working in a brewery would elicit considerable response. Adur Brewery in Steyning, West Sussex is just one co-operative that offers the chance to experience working – and even owning a share… Read more »

Life inside a microbrewery

Ale lovers may yet be tempted by good craft lager

Often shunned as a style associated with mass production, lack of flavour and irritating ubiquity by those seeking a more premium experience, craft lager has achieved renewed interest among discerning drinkers. Despite the occasionally sniffy attitude of the die-hard real ale lover and particularly in view of the unfortunate stereotypes associated with its consumers, lager… Read more »

Ale lovers may yet be tempted by good craft lager

Gluten free beer making headway in consumer choice

Whether out of necessity or dietary choice, the availability of gluten free beer has to be great news for consumers. If you are looking for a beverage to offer coeliac friends or wondering where to go for your own dietary needs, check out our list of top brewers that have perfected the art. With the… Read more »

gluten free beer

Art For Beer’s Sake

The opportunity to feast our eyes on a little colour while we enjoy our favourite beverage does not go amiss and whatever some may say about letting the beer speak for itself breweries must, of course, be able to differentiate themselves from their competition. Given the number of breweries vying for our attention it is… Read more »


Glass styles to match your beer

More than simply a vessel for conveying liquid, the beer glass can be manufactured in a multitude of styles and is designed to maximise the enjoyment of certain characteristics in your beer. Beer lovers have never known a better time to sample different varieties in the wake of the craft movement. Some landlords have embraced… Read more »

Glass styles

Demand leads vegetarian beer evolution

Despite a relatively small but growing percentage of people in the UK claiming to be vegetarian there is an increasing trend among brewers to establish vegetarian credentials for their produce with vegetarian beers and vegan beers a talking point among craft brewers. To the uninitiated, the idea that beer isn’t already vegetarian given that it… Read more »

beer glasses

Pubs that clean their lines regularly are cleaning up on profits

In an official report published recently it was found that cleaning beer lines effectively had a massive impact on bar profits. The survey found that only 71% of beer lines in the more than 9,000 pubs in the UK taking part in the survey were cleaned sufficiently to yield projected volumes of beer. This equates… Read more »

BP2 in cellar