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Please note that we are only able to supply Bactosol cleaning products to clients currently using our Beer Piper beer line cleaning systems in the UK.

Delivery is included with the exceptions of post codes HS, IV, KW, ZE and PH where a £7.00 delivery charge is added to the order.

Order Details

Bactosol Beerline Cleaner 5ltr

  • Powerful chlorinated detergent for cleaning beer lines and ancillary equipment
  • No effect on beer head retention
  • Prevents scale build up
  • 2 x 5L, £14.90 + VAT
  • Minimum order of 4 units


Bactosol Rinse Aid 5ltr

  • Glasswash rinse aid for use in cabinet glasswash machines
  • Unique blend of rinsing agents ensures fast and even drying
  • Specially formulated to reduce the need for manual drying
  • Min Order 2 x 5L, £24.50 + VAT


Bactosol Glass Renovator 5ltr

  • Special detergent for glass treatment
  • Designed to be used at periodic intervals instead of Bactosol Cabinet Glasswash Detergent
  • Formulated to remove protein residues found in beer and wine
  • Min Order 2 x 5L, £44.00 + VAT


Bactosol Cabinet Detergent 5ltr

  • Glass washing detergent
  • Prevents glass corrosion and clouding, giving sparkling finish
  • Non-tainting
  • Min Order 2 x 5L, £24.00 + VAT


Bactosol Hand Glasswashing Liquid 5ltr

  • Suitable for manual washing of glasses
  • Contains powerful surfactants for the effective removal of stubborn stain, including lipstick
  • Prevents build up of residues likely to affect the taste or smell of drinks
  • Min Order 2 x 5L, £21.40 + VAT


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