Our Team

Established in 1988, Beer Piper’s concept was simple; to develop a beer line cleaning system that helps to reduce beer wastage and to make line cleaning less time consuming, less costly and less messy.

For over 27 years, Beer Piper has proven itself as a market leader, successful in thousands of licensed venues in the United Kingdom and expanding globally. With this background, Beer Piper continues to maintain its presence and develop its products, as well as providing excellent customer assistance and service support.


Company Values


We truly believe in the value that our product provides to our customers. We also look at every opportunity to add true value to our stakeholders.


As an established company, our 27 years at the top is in no small part down to the quality service we provide.


With one of the most advanced beer line cleaning systems on the market, Beer Piper is passionate about delivering intelligent solutions.


We work not merely as a supplier, but as a partner to our customers. We aim to provide excellent support from first contact throughout the on-going relationship.


“Beer Piper maintains its goal to become the most comprehensively used, most reliable and most recommended beer line cleaning system, not just in the UK but internationally.”