Six Steps To Reopening Your Cellar

THE COVID-19 outbreak, and subsequent hospitality outlet closures, has had a huge impact on the nation’s pub and bar industry.Although some outlets have managed to pivot their offering to provide take-out food, and others have successfully claimed business grants offered by the government to support the industry during this time, some have seen battles with… Read more »

8 Top Tips For Reopened Pubs to Save Money

With Britain’s pub and bar industry still riding out the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s natural that landlords and bar managers will be looking at ways to ensure they can operate as efficiently as possible when they open again.  Trouble-shooting some classic money wasting areas behind the scenes can ensure that you can run your cellar efficiently… Read more »


The UK’s hospitality industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, with all hospitality outlets ordered to shut their doors to the public from Friday 20th March, with further lockdown measures announced last night.  Although the situation is changing daily, the sector and its people are battening down the hatches to survive, so they… Read more »

Britain’s pubs throw out 40 million pints of beer a year

According to our latest research, a staggering 40 million pints of perfectly good beer are thrown out by Britain’s pubs every year. Hot on the heels of the government’s latest initiative to tackle food waste, in which 300 organisations have pledged to “Step up to the Plate” and halve unnecessary food waste by 2030, Beer Piper… Read more »

beer line cleaning

Xmas gift ideas for the beer lover

With the festive season upon us once more, there are a hundred and one things to think about, particularly for those in the hospitality industry. With so much happening and the sense of anticipation palpable in every pub, restaurant and hotel around the country, we know that any assistance is useful, particularly when stuck for… Read more »

Xmas gift ideas for the beer lover

Serving real ale makes real sense

In the course of our work bringing the perfect pint to the Great British public, Beer Piper necessarily has a lot of contact with publicans, breweries and beer distributors and it is a source of continuous confusion that we hear a lot of publicans are still nervous about serving real ale. Some believe it is… Read more »

Serving real ale makes real sense

Beer Piper beats a path to Poland

Enjoying beer as we do, it was only a matter of time before Poland’s well established and flourishing craft beer scene became an object of huge interest at Beer Piper HQ. With our latest BP4 model already a fixture at one of Warsaw’s more high-profile establishments and meeting place for beer aficionados, this year has… Read more »

Craft Beer Poland

Remember, remember…beers dedicated to November

Cold November nights, and particularly the days surrounding the 5th November, are a gift for publicans that can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the bar. The hearty comfort food and deeply flavoursome ales, often spicy, fragrant and strong, offer you a chance to showcase your seasonal best. Breweries have often been keen to produce… Read more »

Remember, remember…beers dedicated to November