5 beer bloggers you should be following

It is said that everyone is a critic but the egalitarian nature of the internet has allowed the normally “Average Joe” to achieve a prominence and renown that those of us growing up a decade or more earlier found much more difficult. The world of beer has opinions galore, from the verbose bar hanger who… Read more »

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What you need to know about hops

Everyone knows that hops are a key ingredient in the world’s most adored and revered beverage but have you ever considered what makes the unique characteristics of hops so important to our beer? With tens of thousands of varieties of beer created annually, it would be impossible to try every one that is brewed but… Read more »


Demand leads vegetarian beer evolution

Despite a relatively small but growing percentage of people in the UK claiming to be vegetarian there is an increasing trend among brewers to establish vegetarian credentials for their produce with vegetarian beers and vegan beers a talking point among craft brewers. To the uninitiated, the idea that beer isn’t already vegetarian given that it… Read more »

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How often should draft beer lines be cleaned?

If cleaning beer lines is a hated job among bar owners it is for two very good reasons; the amount of beer wasted equals money down the drain and the amount of time that is dedicated to it. However it is clear that if neglected it can prove catastrophic to a business. The question of… Read more »

How often should beer lines be cleaned

Technology designed to help bar owners manage their businesses better

With the introduction of the National Living Wage on 1st April, it is publicans that again have to be particularly smart to maintain a healthy profit within their businesses. The Publicans Morning Advertiser was quick with their tips and suggestions on how to manage the bar better in light of wage increases for staff. While the… Read more »

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Pubs that clean their lines regularly are cleaning up on profits

In an official report published recently it was found that cleaning beer lines effectively had a massive impact on bar profits. The survey found that only 71% of beer lines in the more than 9,000 pubs in the UK taking part in the survey were cleaned sufficiently to yield projected volumes of beer. This equates… Read more »

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Online marketing for publicans

Few establishments these days can afford not to be online whether with an enticing website, a Facebook page that details events, a Twitter account to keep customers up to date with what’s on tap or an image gallery that shows off your marvellous premises, beer garden and restaurant. Getting an online presence needn’t be costly,… Read more »

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Keep profitable through tough times

Keeping profitable when recession hits is the great challenge for bar managers and landlords up and down the country. The pub and restaurant trade is never without worry and it is easy to feel unloved by the population when they begin to tighten their belts. We have compiled a few ideas that we think might help you… Read more »


Beer Piper & BrewDog standing up for craft beer lovers

Scottish brewing legend BrewDog has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 2007. Two 24 year olds on a mission to share their passion for decent ale started brewing their own and a success story was born. Heading a craft beer revolution with their “Equity for Punks” shareholders scheme that has seen 14,500… Read more »

Craft beer legends BrewDog

Top 5 Celebrity Brewers

When a celebrity reveals them self to be as passionate about good beer and pubs as we are, there’s no denying that we warm to them a little more readily. While celebrity endorsement can often come across as cynical or simply financially motivated, those who choose to affiliate themselves with the noble ale, we think,… Read more »

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