Display your products for better sales

In a busy bar there are so many distractions whether sport on the TV, flashing fruit machines or pool tables that it is essential that you attract customers gaze to the array of products you sell. When customers can’t see what is on offer they are unlikely to try something new and exciting like those… Read more »

Bar display

Cellar Management Tips

Whether you’re new to the pub trade or have a track record of success within the industry, we know that a few tips are often welcome when it comes to running a top notch establishment. Beer Piper is keen to support landlords and landladies in the execution of daily duties as we believe pubs remain… Read more »

Beer keg

Beer sophistication

A conversation that occurred online recently posed the question: “Why does wine have a more sophisticated image than beer?” Whether the person asking was a wine drinker or beer drinker was not made clear, however, one of the reasons for this strange perception may be rooted in medieval history. Traditionally, beer was the drink of… Read more »

Pint pouring draft

The Perfect Pint – Top Tips For Outstanding Publicans

Ever been told by a friend to avoid a certain pub because the beer was “off”? Every landlord worth his salt regards serving the perfect pint as a matter of honour. It’s your demonstration of affection for the quality product you sell. How is it that we still hear people talk of having had a… Read more »

The perfect pint

How to Serve the Perfect Pint in the UK?

We’ve all been there, you grab a glass, your patron gives you the nod and you get pouring, only to be left with a cloudy and murky concoction that neither of you were expecting. With cask ale and some of the new generation of craft beers taking months to brew the perfect batch, all that… Read more »

Beer being served

5 Top Tips to Running a Pub Efficiently in the UK

Running a pub can be a challenging and daunting profession and certainly not always the fun job it can seem from the other side of the bar. Not only can it involve very long hours but also a great deal of business strains for landlords. So here are our top 5 tips to running a… Read more »

Running a pub