How to Clean Beer Lines…

…the easy way.

Beer Piper’s beer line cleaning systems use advanced electronics to ensure the correct dosing of normal line cleaning fluids during every clean.

With the advanced electronics and highly accurate dosing technology, coupled with fast cleaning programmes, a line clean can be carried out quickly, safely and efficiently to an exceptionally high standard, in as little as 5½ minutes.


With Beer Piper, there are just 4 easy steps:

  1. Connect beer line to Beer Piper system in the cellar
  2. Dispense and sell the beer in the line
  3. After the beer has been sold, start Beer Piper from the bar
  4. Beer Piper will indicate the end of clean and you can then reconnect your beer


Our comprehensive picture guide gives you all the information you need to use the system effectively.

See the user guides


In addition to the electronics and highly accurate dosing technology, the Beer Piper line cleaning system comes with its own separate cleaning ring main with G, S and A type metal cleaning sockets, plus Y and 3/4 for cask, for longer life reliability.  In the bar, we install a neat permanent drainage system to remove the need for you to carry and throw away buckets full of beer and diluted beer line cleaner.

The beer dispense facility saves your expensive gas as Beer Piper takes control of the beer dispense function.

With such short, powerful cleaning cycles, you can clean your lines at any time of day at your convenience and not at the end of a barrel.

However great a beer, ale or cider is, it can be ruined as it travels from the barrel to the glass if the beer pipes aren’t well maintained to the highest standards, with a line clean every week.

Beer Piper’s line cleaning systems give you consistently clean lines, so that you can have ‘pipe perfection’ time after time. Well maintained pipes deliver a great pint and will maintain your reputation as a quality licensed venue, ensuring your customers return time and time again.