Single Pubs

Since our foundation, Beer Piper’s objectives have been to provide a fast, effective beer line cleaning system that enables its users to reduce beer wastage and increase sales revenue and cashflow.

Beer Piper has achieved this with its simple-to-use, reliable, consistent, safe and economical cleaning systems.

We recognise that the equipment used for manual pipe cleaning is relatively inexpensive, however, the beer wastage can be enormous! Why ‘throw it’ when you can ‘sell it’ by using Beer Piper?

Save beer, time and money

  • Serve the beer in the line before you clean and once cleaned, the very first pint of new beer can be served
  • Fast and efficient cleaning process to reduce the time you or your staff spend on line cleaning
  • Clean lines when it suits you, even during trading hours!
  • Eliminate the handling of caustic chemicals required when manual cleaning

To find out more about how Beer Piper can benefit your business, give us a call on 0300 303 2709. We’ll be happy to help.