As the market leader, our beer line cleaning systems are installed in thousands of licensed venues throughout the UK.

Our customer base is wide and varied from individual pubs, bars, social and sports clubs as well as larger group organisations.

We are pleased to share with you a few quotes from some of our customers.


Andy, Ops Director, Group of pubs in South West, UK

“It’s as much of a given that we should install a Beer Piper System in the bar as it is that we should have a telephone line”.

“The fact that we can sell all the beer in the lines means that it doesn’t actually cost us anything. Our lines vary in length from one pint to fifteen but we simply don’t throw any beer away.”

“It’s a really good bit of kit that does everything it claims to do. Our staff find a machine much easier to use than struggling with manual cleaning; we have no problems training new staff to make sure the lines are properly cleaned and we have support from Beer Piper whenever we need it. It’s very rare that we get a problem but if we do it’s always sorted out quickly – which is what you need in our business.”


Sandy, Owner, Lomond, Scotland

“We’re actually proud to tell people we use the Beer Piper system. We make a point of interacting with our customers – especially about the beer. We tell them where the cellar is and letting them know just how we keep the lines so clean reassures them about our standard and becomes a bit of a talking point. “

“Quality is really important to us and we’re absolutely delighted when people comment on how good our beer is – but keeping the lines clean is crucial in maintaining our standards.”

“To be honest, I was sceptical when I agreed to install the Beer Piper system – but that was sixteen years ago. I guess that speaks for itself.”


Sean, Beach Bar entrepreneur, Isle of Wight

Since installing a Beer Piper system, Sean has become an enthusiastic convert. “I just set it up and can go off to get on with something else. When I get back everything is clean. It’s just a case of pushing the button before I go – it’s very simple.”


Martin, Landlord, Bristol

“The Hope & Anchor has six beer lines and we clean them thoroughly once a week as well as giving them a quick rinse when we change barrels. Using the Beer Piper saves me hours each week compared to when I used to clean the pipes manually.”

“I was a bit worried at first by all the flashing buttons but actually it’s really easy to use.”

“I’m very, very happy with both of my Beer Piper systems and, hand on heart, the service that I have received over the past fifteen years has been top drawer, the entire time I’ve been with them!”


Steven, Club Manager, Prestonpans, Scotland

“It just doesn’t make sense not to use it. We have eight different beers on offer here. If we used the old-fashioned way of cleaning pipes, I’d be throwing twenty-four pints of beer down the drain every single week!”


Ken, Landlord at award-winning CAMRA pub, Surrey

“The Beer Piper system is quick, easy and keeps wastage to an absolute minimum. Instead of wasting beer I can sell it to a customer then clean the pipes whilst they drink their beer. The system is good value for money, saves wastage and saves time and the beer tastes perfect every time.”


Barry, Club President, North West, UK

“Beer Piper saves time, it saves beer and it’s easy and convenient – at the end of the day it saves costs. The system simply works well.”


David, Landlord, Cask Marque pub, Hampshire, UK

“Before I introduced Beer Piper, my staff hated beer pipe cleaning as it took up at least a full morning every week. Now you can just press a button and away you go! The Beer Piper system saves waste, saves time and ultimately saves money. It helps maintain the quality of beer, personally I think it is a fantastic system!”


Stephen, Landlord, Newmarket, UK

“Quality is crucial. My reputation is based on good food and good beer. The Beer Piper system allows me to clean the pipes while we are open and start serving the beer again after the clean, with minimal waste and a fresh clean pipe. It’s simple; it keeps the pipes clean and consistently does a good job.”


Chris, former brand manager, Whitbread, UK – Now Landlord, Cask Marque pub, Surrey, UK

“Initially I was against installing Beer Piper, but after trialling the system there is no way I would get rid of it. We are renowned for our real ales and we can clean the pipes every time we change a barrel to make sure the flavours of the different ales remain distinct and untainted because Beer Piper takes less than 10 minutes to clean the pipes. and the best bit about Beer Piper – it’s always consistent. A manual clean not only takes longer but you just don’t get the same results every time. With Beer Piper you can be completely confident that the result is consistently good. Our customers expect a perfect pint every time – and that’s what they get.”


Mick & Pat, Owners, CAMRA Pub of the Year, Cambridge, UK

“We have had Beer Piper for over 10 years now because we didn’t have the time to be messing around with manual pipe cleaning. Beer Piper has become an integral part of running the bar. Keeping the pipes clean is essential if you want to serve good real ale and we pride ourselves on serving a perfect pint. The Beer Piper system just does its job which is why we are so happy with it.”


World Famous Rock Café, London, UK

“Beer Piper can clean our lines quickly allowing us to clean them while we are open. We have seen savings on all sides from labour to reduced beer wastage.”