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Craft Beer Trends and Predictions 2019/20

Before you know it, the year 2020 will be upon us. As the decorations go back in the box and the January staff party comes around again, we have a final chance to wonder what this new decade will bring. Those childhood predictions of robots and flying cars aren’t coming true any time soon, so let’s take stock and have a look at one thing you can control. Beer.

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Advanced Beer Line Cleaning Systems

Don’t let poor beer line cleaning ruin your beer. The time and passion that brewers put into their beer to deliver quality, freshness and flavour can be ruined in seconds by a draught system that is not properly maintained.

Beer Piper provide advanced beer line cleaning systems that ensure lines are cleaned effectively time after time. With solutions for establishments that enable you to sell the beer in the line, as well as an intelligent portable system for line cleaning technicians, Beer Piper is the pre-eminent supplier of line cleaning technology to the licensed industry

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