Britain’s pubs throw out 40 million pints of beer a year

According to our latest research, a staggering 40 million pints of perfectly good beer are thrown out by Britain’s pubs every year. Hot on the heels of the government’s latest initiative to tackle food waste, in which 300 organisations have pledged to “Step up to the Plate” and halve unnecessary food waste by 2030, Beer Piper… Read more »

beer line cleaning

British Food Fortnight 2017

The national British Food Fortnight, positioned to focus on the harvest season, occurs at the end of this month giving pubs and restaurants the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to locally sourced food & drink and cook up a storm with some of the best produce in the world. We think there are some real… Read more »

British Food Fortnight 2017

5 beer bloggers you should be following

It is said that everyone is a critic but the egalitarian nature of the internet has allowed the normally “Average Joe” to achieve a prominence and renown that those of us growing up a decade or more earlier found much more difficult. The world of beer has opinions galore, from the verbose bar hanger who… Read more »

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How often should draft beer lines be cleaned?

If cleaning beer lines is a hated job among bar owners it is for two very good reasons; the amount of beer wasted equals money down the drain and the amount of time that is dedicated to it. However it is clear that if neglected it can prove catastrophic to a business. The question of… Read more »

How often should beer lines be cleaned

Display your products for better sales

In a busy bar there are so many distractions whether sport on the TV, flashing fruit machines or pool tables that it is essential that you attract customers gaze to the array of products you sell. When customers can’t see what is on offer they are unlikely to try something new and exciting like those… Read more »

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Cellar Management Tips

Whether you’re new to the pub trade or have a track record of success within the industry, we know that a few tips are often welcome when it comes to running a top notch establishment. Beer Piper is keen to support landlords and landladies in the execution of daily duties as we believe pubs remain… Read more »

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